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Cross-platform Translation & Publishing Tools

Fluenta DITA Translation Manager

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Simplify the translation and localization of your DITA projects.

Fluenta parses your DITA map, resolving the references to all topics and subtopics, and prepares a unified XLIFF file that you can send to your Language Sevice Provider (LSP) for translation.

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Swordfish Translation Editor

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An advanced CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool based on XLIFF 1.2 that supports MS Office, DITA, HTML and other document formats.

Swordfish uses TM (translation Memory) and MT (Machine Translation). Supports In-Context Exact Matches, segment filtering, customization and more.

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Edit your TMX files, large or small, with TMXEditor on Windows, Linux or macOS.

TMXEditor is an open source application that works with any language combination.

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Stingray Document Aligner

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Generate translation memories in TMX, TAB delilimited format from existing translated material.

TMX memories created with Stingray can be used in any CAT tool. TAB delimited files can be opened in Microsoft Excel without special configurations.

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OpenXLIFF Filters

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An open source set of Java filters for creating, merging and validating XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 files.

The XLIFF files generated by OpenXLIFF Filters don't use proprietary markup and are fully compatible with most CAT tools.

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XLIFF Manager

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XLIFF Manager is a cross-platform graphical user interface for OpenXLIFF Filters written in JavaScript.

With XLIFF Manager you can create, merge, analyze and generate statistics from your XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 files.

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Check the validity of your TMX documents in any platform with TMXValidator.

TMXValidator checks your documents against TMX DTD and also verifies if they follow the requirements described in TMX specifications.

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JavaPM icon

JavaPM is an open source set of scripts for localizing Java projects using XLIFF as an intermediate format.

JavaPM scans a source code folder looking for Java resource bundles (.properties files) and converts all .properties files in the source language into a single XLIFF file.

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Share the super fast Translation Memory engine of Swordfish in network environments. RemoteTM shares your data on the Internet and also in a Local Area Network (LAN).

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An open source Translation Memory Engine written in Java, based on the translation memory library used by Swordfish, Fluenta and RemoteTM.

With a TMEngine server you can share Translation Memory data in a local network and over the Internet.

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SRXEditor is an open source cross-platform editor of segmentation rules, designed to use Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX) 2.0, the open XML-based standard for segmentation published by LISA.

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Conversa DITA Publisher

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Generate PDF, HTML, EPUB or Web Help from your DITA files using Conversa.

Conversa is easy to use and allows customization for all supported formats.

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KeysAnalyzer is a cross-platform tool designed to report all keys defined and used in a DITA map.

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