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Check the validity of your TMX documents in any platform with TMXValidator.

Most CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools rely on TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) standard to exchange translation memory data. Unfortunately, some tools produce files that are not valid and others do not accept TMX documents that are correctly formatted.

TMXValidator checks your documents against TMX DTD and also verifies if they follow the requirements described in TMX specifications.

TMXValidator supports TMX versions 1.1 , 1.2 , 1.3 and 1.4

The source source code of TMXValidator is available in GitHub, at

TMXValidator users can inspect the code to understand why the program complains at an error in a TMX file or to confirm a bug/omission in the validator program.

Release History

  • Version 2.2.0 - January 2, 2020
    • Updated TypeScript code
    • Updated OpenXLIFF to version 1.12.3
  • Version 2.1.0 - February 6, 2020
    • Added UI written in TypeScript
    • Improved DTD validation
    • Updated OpenXLIFF to version 1.7.0
  • Version 2.0.2 - August 9, 2019
    • Updated OpenXLIFF to version 1.4.2
    • Updated list of valid language codes
    • Improved UI with Electron update
  • Version 2.0-1 - June 25, 2019
    • Updated OpenXLIFF library.
    • Fixed date validation.
    • Cleaned code.
  • Version 2.0-0 - November 28, 2018
    • New version that supports validation of very large files.
TMXValidator running on Windows
TMXValidator running on Windows 10