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Installation Procedure

About this task

Follow these steps to install RemoteTM Web Server:


  1. Stop the Apache Tomcat or Jetty server if it is running.
  2. Copy RemoteTM.war to the /webapps folder of Apache Tomcat or Jetty.
  3. Delete the /webapps/RemoteTM folder generated by a previous installation if it exists.
  4. Start the Apache Tomcat or Jetty server.
  5. Open the server URL in a web browser with /RemoteTM appended to it (e.g. if the server URL is http://localhost:8080 then open http://localhost:8080/RemoteTM)
  6. Register License or request a trial
  7. Login with these default credentials: User Name: sysadmin Password: secData
  8. When prompted, enter a new password for sysadmin user.
  9. Configure an email server.
  10. Modify the sysadmin user and set a real email address.