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Email Server Configuration

About this task

An email account in an SMTP server is required for sending notifications to the users. Follow these steps to configure the email account.


  1. Login as a user with "System Administrator" privileges.
  2. Click the SETTINGS button in main tool bar.
    The following menu displays:
  3. Select the Email Server option.
    The following dialog appears:
  4. In the SMTP Server text box enter the name or IP of the SMTP server.
  5. In the Port text box enter the port in which the SMTP server accepts requests.
  6. In the User text box enter the user name for the SMTP server.
  7. In the Password text box enter the password for the user selected in previous step.
  8. In the Send From text box enter the email address used for sending notifications.
  9. In the RemoteTM Server text box enter the URL of the RemoteTM server.
  10. Check the Authentication Required check box if your SMTP server requires authentication.
  11. Check the Use TLS check box if your SMTP server requires TLS/SSL protocols.
  12. Click the SAVE button.


The updated email server configuration is stored in RemoteTM databases.