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About this task

Use the Analyze Map dialog to generate and display a keys analysis report.


  1. In File menu, select Analyze Map option or click the paper-2.pngAnalyze Map button on the tool bar.
    You can also double-click on a map from the DITA Keys Analyzer user interface to open the Analyze Map dialog with a preselected map.
    The following dialog appears:
  2. Type the name of the DITA map that you want to analyze in the DITA Map text box or use the Browse... button to select a DITA map from the file system.
  3. If you want to use conditional processing when publishing, enter the name of the DITAVAL file in the DITAVAL File text box or click the Browse... button to select the DITAVAL file from the file system.
  4. Click the Analyze Map button.
    You can click the Cancel button at any time to stop the analysis process.


The selected DITA map is parsed and all key definitions are collected. A folder named out is created in the directory where the DITA map is located and the analysis report is saved there. The report is automatically displayed in the system's default web browser.