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Cross-platform Tools for Translators

RemoteTM - LAN Server

RemoteTM LAN Server icon

RemoteTM is a family of servers designed for sharing the special Internal database engine used in Swordfish III in LAN environments (LAN Server version) or over the Internet (Web Server version).

RemoteTM LAN Server is a cross-platform database server designed for holding multilingual translation memories in LAN (Local Area Network) environments that use the standard IP ranges reserved for private networks:

Network Class IP Range
Class A -
Class B -
Class C -


RemoteTM - LAN Server sits in the system tray of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and you control it with its simple menu.

RemoteTM -LAN Server on Mac OS X RemoteTM -LAN Server on Windows 7 RemoteTM -LAN Server on openSUSE Linux
Mac OS X 10.6.7 Windows 7 openSUSE 11.4


Performance Comparison

Import of Microsoft's glossary in TMX format (12,000 entries in 60 languages - 21.4MB TMX file)

Server Time - localhost Time - LAN
RemoteTM LAN Server 1:35 2:25
MySQL 5.5 7:52 23:02
SQL Server 2008 R2 9:24 27:00


Apply TM to 5,800 segments (1.5MB XLIFF file) using a database with 10,300 entries (4MB TMX file)

Server Time - localhost Time - LAN
RemoteTM LAN Server 1:34 2:58
MySQL 5.5 3:37 4:03
SQL Server 2008 R2 2:01 4:05


Apply TM to 34,700 segments (10.3MB XLIFF file for "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy) using a database that contains translations for all segments (16.2MB TMX file).

Server Time - localhost Time - LAN
RemoteTM LAN Server 30:36 33:40
SQL Server 2008 R2 37:25 39:25
MySQL 5.5 1:25:14 1:27:39